S2Ep4 (St. Batricks Day)


March 17, 2018 (St. Batricks Day)

Hosts: DC PauL,Oshun, Martin "Bats" Bradford, J. Steel, & Malik Bartholomew

Engineer: DJ Mastermind

Producer: Brian Egland

Guests: Tunde Wey & River I. Smith

Topics:  People may know him as the rebel, but he is the light.  One of the most purposeful people with an abundance of talent on a journey for a great 2018.  He works hard, drinks his energy, and is our brother.  On this episode of TheMisBelief RadioShow we are celebrating our very own #thatactorguy Martin "Mister Bats" Bradford on his birthday, St. Batricks Day!  Tune into this episode hear all the love and get all feelz.


We are first joined by Chef Tunde Wey who discusses making national headlines after his month long pop up restaurant, Saartj, gained attention for also being a social experiement about racial wealth disparity.  Tunde discusses the inspiration behind the restaurant and the experiment, and also discusses how the customers reacted to the price of the meal being $12 or a suggested $30 to those who identified as white.


After dat we are joined by TheMisbelief TeamMember, Comedian, and Recording Artist River I. Smith who discusses his musical journey project that will see him create albums under different genres, and also flexes his pun making skills with us.

We run it about Tom Benson cutting everybody out in his will, the request for a Benson Circle, Aretha Franklin postponing Jazz Fest for the 3rd year in a row and being replaced by Rod Stewart, DC being on the SoFar Nola team, Dillard University celebrating women's month with speaking presentations by Remy Ma, Mia X, Downtown Leslie Brown, Keke Palmer, Donna Brazil, and a whole lot more of wuts going on out chere, a sankofa session in honor of LeLand University, and #thatactorguy Mister Bats is slapping 1/3 of the breakfast club and a teacher with a gun with the Dat Neck this week.



Phat Word - Where Y'at

AP Wise Guys – Determination Song

Brandon Tarrell – Life

Chase Dat Truth – Still Standing

Da Homie Skidd – Let's Talk

River I. Smith – Give It All Away

River I Smith – Turn Me Up

Dee-1 – Hood Villains

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Recorded at WBOK 1230AM

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