S2Ep2 (In Bewteen Corinthians and Timothy)


March 3, 2018 (In Between Corinthians and Timothy)

Hosts: DC PauL, Oshun, Martin "Bats" Bradford, J. Steel, & Malik Bartholomew

Engineer: DJ Mastermind

Producer: Brian Egland

Guests: Tae Smith & Daniel Hardeway

Topics: The Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder crossover shows was the black event this week...at least according to social media.  So that spawns the question "What Cha Watchin Out Chere?" and TheMisBelief CoHosts weigh in on what's poppin and what's not.  Even though everyone else is, Oshun just can't get into Atlanta.  However she has found her new favorite webseries, Wannabeez, starring DC Paul, Rahim Glaspy, and Alpha Joe and directed by Mister Bats.  Now while J. Steel is watching anime, she's also making movies being submitted to HBO.  Tune into this episode of TheMisBelief RadioShow to find out all about, get your tv recommendation list, and much more. 


We are first joined by rapper Daniel Hardeway who talks about his single "Comment Section," rappers who can't write, how going to the site where MLK was killed inspired him, and he gets grilled by the CoHosts on his top 5 rappers dead or alive.


After dat we are joined by Tae Smith of Moms of Nola who tells us about how it Moms of Nola started as a motherhood website after her son was born two years ago and how it has evolved since then.  She also discusses teaming up with Phat Girl Nola, her upcoming talkshow Girls With A Mic, and the mother and son Spring Dance Lads & Roses.

We run it about the perfect weather at Congo Square Fest and Soul Fest at the Zoo, J. Steel's Coffee Flight, New Orleans Chef charging white customers more in social experiment, FASFA being mandatory to graduate from High School, film tax credits being revised, the woman that stabbed a man with a steak knife on Annette St., and a whole lot more of wuts going on out chere, this week's Oshun's crazy Nola find this week is the crawfish boil at the Mud Bugs and Bubbles Party aka champagne and a crawfish boil at the Ritz Carlton, a sankofa session in honor of Sally-Ann Roberts, and #thatactorguy Mister Bats is slapping Dat Neck this week from the front and back for all the things that came out peoples mouth this week.


Phat Word - Where Y'at

MyKia Jovan – How Did You Like It

Ambre Perkins - Fantasy


Hifey Gallivant – Write It Down

Benjamin Booker - Believe

Jae Harmony - Trippy

Rahim Glaspy - Mary Jane Love (Ft. Kay Jade)

ISO - Daylight

Doon - Shot Callers

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