S2E1 (Rainwater Redbeans)



February 24, 2018 (Rainwater Redbeans)

Hosts: DC PauL,Oshun, Martin "Bats" Bradford, & Malik Bartholomew

Engineer: DJ Mastermind

Producer: Brian Egland

Guests: Rahim Glaspy & Megan Braden-Perry

Topics: We all had something going into 2018 we were hoping to see come true whether it's a resolution, project, goal, or plan.  We're two months going on three into 2018, and NOLA life has been filled with events, freezes, festivals and a bevy of things to distract ya.  If you have been distracted or just need inspiration to continue, look no further and tune into this episode of TheMisBelief RadioShow.  It's Daddy DC Day, and while he checks in on the CoHosts' accountability towards their 2018 goals and projects, allow DC PauL to hold you accountable as well.  


We are first joined by Megan Braden-Perry the Author of "Crescent City Snow: The Ultimate Guide to New Orleans Snow Ball Stands."  Megan discusses her inspiration for the book,  the adventure of trying out 50 different Snow Ball Stands, what were her favorites, the unique flavors she tried, and her pictures being stolen. 


After dat, The Great Rahim Glaspy joins the CoHost to discuss his new Single "Mary Jane Love," his upcoming performance at Jazz Festival, his new album No More Karaoke coming out soon, and his starring role in the upcoming production of The Wiz as The Wiz. 


We run it about how students in Louisiana thought the square root sign was a gun and led to a police investigation of another students home, the color purple touring production coming to New Olreans and going to the jazz market, the purge tv series filming in Nola, new orleans city counsel stripping affordable housing along the riverfront and marigny, the bell artspace campus, , and a whole lot more of wuts going on out chere, this week's Oshun's crazy Nola find is New Orleans RV and Camping show, a sankofa session in honor of Lord Beaconsfield Landry , and #thatactorguy Mister Bats is slapping the Dat Neck this week to a whole school, the superintendent, and the husband of a lady who loves us for real. 



Phat Word - Where Y'at

Ariee - I.O.W.U

Phat Word - Juggernaut

Ayotemi - Corner

Ayotemi - Supaman

Rahim Glaspy - Darling

Brandon Tarrell - Life

Princess Shaw - Stay Here

Jaz - Forever (Feat. Kamara & Croww so Fly)



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