S1Ep47 (Are We Gonna Talk About Monique?)



January 27, 2018 (Are We Gonna Talk About Monique?)

Hosts: DC PauL,Oshun, Martin "Bats" Bradford, Malik Bartholomew, & J. Steel

Engineer: Josef "Alpha Joe" Pons

Producer: Brian Egland

Guests: Ryan "Shaggadelic" Batiste & Courtney Celestine

Topics: DC PauL is back from hosting the NOLA Gospel awards this week, and I'm sure all that couldn't attend are curious to know how it went.  Did a "N" word slip out?  Did a "F" bomb drop?  Did DC accidentally tell someone with an oily t zone his vagina wipe story?  Tune in and let #TheMillennialArsenio tell ya himself.  Also back is that boy Alpha Joe for his golden birthday and he let us know all of the radio friendly things he did for his birthday.  In more great news, TheMisBelief RadioShow has officially been renewed for season 2, so you know what that means....TheMisBelief Season 2 photo session. Tune in and let DC and TheMisbelief crew tell ya all about it from our photographer, Joey Hardin of Kapture NOLA, to our Misbelief Teedy coming through and directing the photoshoot, and who exactly was trying to make love to the camera.

We are first joined by musical artist and the 2 Chains of New Orleans, Ryan "Shaggadelic" Batiste. Shaggadelic let's us know all about his new project, which he deems the feel good music of the millennium, titled The Only Love I See. Shagg also talks his long family lineage of music in New Orleans so successful it led to 14 kids from his father and a 1st cousin who is the musical director for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Then Courtney Celestine, the founder of Rockin Lemonade, tells us her incredible story of how someone who loss their job, had no knowledge of owning and operating a business, and absolutely no special recipe or prior connection to Lemonade, winds up with a Lemonade business that within its first year is sold in stores and being requested at many more.

We run it about all the former guest of TheMisbelief RadioShow performing at Jazz Fest this year, Tales From The Hood 2 filming in New Orleans and who on the team hasn't seen Tales From The Hood 1, suggestions for alternative king cakes, Dong Phong being done with the demand, Slidell's candlelight vigil for the closing Target store, 93,000 pounds of Mardi Gras beads found in the catch basin, and a whole lot more of wuts going on out chere, this week's Oshun's crazy Nola find is Cuban dance practice, a sankofa session in honor of Edwin Hampton founding director of the St. Aug marching 100 band, and even though she loves us for real #thatactorguy Mister Bats is slapping Professor Oglevee's Bae with the Dat Neck this week.


Phat Word - Where Y'at

Xeno Moonflower – Helluva Woman

Trey Parker – Turn The Page

Shaggadelic – Outerspace

Shaggadelic – No Lies

CoolNasty – Eye See You

Quinton Hakeem – Welcome To The City

Jae Harmonee – Trippy

Kathryn Rose Wood – Free


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