S1Ep32 (The Applause Isn’t Fake, It’s Choreographed)


October 14, 2017 (The Applause Isn't Fake, It's Choreographed)

Hosts: DC PauL, Oshun, Martin "Bats" Bradford, & Rahim Glaspy

Engineer: Josef Pons

Guests: Ariee & Jaden "The Wildcard" Spade

Topics:   TheMisbelief RadioShow had to "evacalate" for Hurricane Nate last week, but DC and the cohosts are back.  Learn what they did to prepare for the storm, and guess which cohosts stayed in the city, which ones left, and what had happened when they did.  Singer and Actor Rahim Glaspy joins the discussion this week as our J. Steel keeps it reel at 2017 New Orleans Film Festival.  Where is Oshun going in her mumu?  Does trap music make everything cool?  How mad would a boot on your car make you? The hosts discuss it all and more.  Much more.


Local Singer Ariee stops by to discuss her upcoming project, 8, to be released this December and will consist of eight songs written by her, produced by Dappa Dan and Loyola University Professor U.P.


We are also graced by the presence of Wildcats Sports Pro Wrestler Jaden "The Wildcard" Spade as he details not only the behind the scenes of wrestling, but also the six year grind to get to his Heavy Weight Champion Title. 


We run it about a whole lot more of wut's going on outchea, a Sankofa session in honor of the Martha Stewart of New Orleans, Lana Richards, and #thatactorguy Mister Bats was very inspired this week to slap a whole bunch of people with Dat Neck!!!



Phat Word - Where Y'at

Janai McGee - Desire

Andre Brown - Experience

Ariee - I.O.W.U.

Ariee - Still In Love

Decembher Reigns - Guess What

Decembher Reigns - Oppurtunity

Llovee the Artist - Muse

Hifey Gallivant - Straighten It Out

Jae Harmonee - Already Know

Rahim Glaspy - Heavy


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Recorded at WBOK 1230AM

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